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Inspire 10 :: Good Cooks

Good cooks always have friends, and are seldom abandoned by their spouses or partners -- if that is of any importance to you. ~Nika Hazelton


Duo Dishes & Tanya Fields :: Episode 82


This week on Hot Grease, Nicole Taylor discusses the latest food headlines and talks with Chrystal Baker and Amir Thomas of Duo Dishes. Later in the show, she is joined by Tanya Fields of The BLK Projek. Take a listen and learn more about everything from food stamps at fast food joints, the life of two food bloggers and the Bronx on this episode of Hot Grease.

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Honoring a NY State Farmer

Published in 2010

Summer Recipe

Caramel for Ice Cream Base

Combining Milk, Cream and Caramel


Ice Cream Base Cooling

Finished Product-Heading to Freezer

24 hours after Irene-Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Last weekend, the United States's east coast was devastated by Hurricane Irene.  My Brooklyn neighborhood was largely untouched but many New York State farmers have lost EVERYTHING. Hector Tejada is one grower who'll be starting from scratch. In honor of Conuco Farms, I've decided to share yours truly making Caramel Ice Cream from Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods

Edible was written by Tracey Ryder & Carole Topalian and both are the co-founders of Edible Communities Publications. Wiley Hardcover published this awesome "tribute to the growing local food movement" and provided this blurb.

Edible is divided into two distinct sections. The first, "Edible Stories," profiles local heroes who are making a difference in their communities. Six in-depth portraits of North America's distinct culinary regions (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, California, The West, Pacific Northwest, Midwest). The second section, "Edible Recipes" showcases the distinct culinary character of each of the six regions through 80 recipes featuring the best of what each season and region has to offer. The recipes are organized seasonally, of course, making it easier to the home cook to follow.

God speed, Hector! Do you have a favorite farmer? Tell us.


NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge :: Episode 81

Yesterday's Hot Grease got competitive as Nicole talks to Lea Kone of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association of New York about their September event NY Locavore Challenge. Learn how simple and easy it can be to change the food system and sign up for the challenge! Later on, tune into the Hot 5 for more New York and national food events coming in September. Listen here


Inspire 09 :: Child's Play

Photo Credit :: Adrian A Franks

For those who love it, cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. ~Craig Claiborne