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Stir It Up and Wildly Affordable Organic :: Episode 80


This episode Hot Grease, Nicole is joined by Linda Watson, author of Wildly Affordable Organic. Linda gives listeners tips on food budgeting and making organic food more affordable. Learn how to eat on less than $5 a day and find out why you should splurge on eggs and scrimp on pasta. Later in the show, Ramin Ganeshram, author of Stir it Up, calls into the show to talk about her new novel.

Listen here.


Civil Rights Activist's Pancake Recipe

Photo Credit :: The Associated PressRosa Parks's entire estate is up for sale. Among thousands of items is a handwritten pancake recipe. Her "Featherlite Pancakes" is written on a bank envelope.  Ironically, this Tuskegee, AL native's (academic home of Dr. George Washington Carver) ingredient list includes 1/3 cup of peanut butter.


Milk Not Jails :: Episode 79

This week's episode of Hot Grease we take on radical change with Laura Melodia of the Bed-Stuy Farmshare, a community supported agriculture project, and of Milk Not Jails. Learn how you can get involved in the food system and make change in your neighborhood, it's not as hard as you may think! Also, we do our monthly food headlines and our famous Hot Five.  Listen here.


Put 'em Up!

Summer is ending and I'm a bit sad. Before long, I'll be storing my bathing suit and Winter evenings will be filled with hearty potato soups. Every season, I kick myself for having a jar of preserved AIR. Canning classes, food swaps or lovely photos never gave me the boost to "put up" food.  

A few months back, I decided to revisit Put' em Up! A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide for the Creative Cook by Sherri Brooks Vinton. I started with the Berry Bourbon and moved to Berry Coulis, Frozen Berries, Red Hot Vodka and Aqua Frescas. Sherri inspired me to make better use of my locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Cheers to inspiration, summer preserving and Sherri!   

What have ya'll "put up" this summer?

Prep for Raspberries Bourbon
Muddling Raspberries
Infusing Bourbon

Inspire 08 :: Grits & Squid Ink

Photo Credit :: Adrian Franks

I don't want to see grits flavored with squid ink, but more important, I want to put a stop to wasted food. Maybe we should scale back on our portions and spread it around. There is so much hunger in the world that I resent being served more than I can eat. ~Jessica B Harris