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Week in Review: I heart Fort Greene and Foodie Fight Night

Image by Chronicle Books and Adrian Franks

Recently, New York Magazine  released The Most  Livable Neighborhoods in New York . Maybe the article title should have been "The Best Place to Pick Up Items For a Fabulous and Exciting Foodie Fight Night". Here's the rundown of my Fort Greene marathon to host my favorite foodie friends:

2:05 Stop in Fort Cheese at Green Grape Provisions.

2:15 Contemplate purchasing Marcona Almonds for cheese plate but decide to roast my own.

2:25 Head to Stem for flowers

2:35 Target run for parchment paper, cleaning supplies and bulk almonds

2:50 Flower Petals fall off in Target head back to Stem 2:55  Visit Green Grape again, Last minute brioche buns purchase

3:00 Head home to complete pre-game treats of pulled pork shoulder, pulled chicken, Lane Loves BBQ sauce, brioche bread, Asian Peanut coleslaw, and pound cake with warm walnut butter sauce

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